Gemma Dance

BBS, MPsych (Clin.)

Clinical Psychologist

Gemma is a nationally registered Clinical Psychologist who completed a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Behavioural Science at the University of Tasmania. She has experience working with individuals of all ages, backgrounds and reasons for seeking psychological support. 

Gemma has worked in clinical and forensic psychology practices, alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities, as well as schools and youth centres. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness skills. Gemma values evidence based treatment that is tailored to the client’s needs and unique situation.

She has extensive experience working with trauma, family violence, sexual abuse, personality disorders, and a wide range of anxiety and depressive disorders. Gemma is passionate about women's mental health and primarily works with female's aged 14-years and above. However, she also has a special interest in problem sexual behaviour in children. To achieve best outcomes, Gemma frequently collaborates with individuals, schools, families and other treatment providers.

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